[Hill Country House Concerts is a Certified House Concert under the Folk Alliance International PRO Agreement.]


We principally feature solo, finger style or flat picker guitarist/singer/songwriters (playing their original works in English) and typically Americana style of music. Under the Americana umbrella for us is folk, blues, traditional country, western, and swamp or folk rock. We do not book instrumentalists or cover groups, nor musicians whom we have not heard in a full length concert in a quality listening environment.

We are normally booked through the end of the current season (Sept-May), and most of the next season with a waiting list for afterwards. We have made exceptions when we had an opportunity to book at short notice a musician who for us was of elevated interest and whom we felt would bring something special to our audience and have added an extra concert.

HCHC is a FAI Certified House Concert meaning that we strictly conform to the restrictions placed upon us to become and remain certified. One of these restrictions is that performances in our venue must be at least 70% original compositions by the musician/s. Covers and co-writes fall into the other 30%. If your program does not meet this PRO requirement, please do not apply.

If you wish to pursue a booking, please send:

a brief description of your proposed performance (solo, accompanied [details], band, guitar style, genre, etc.), and

a CD that best represents your style of play in a "listening room" environment to us at:

Hill Country House Concerts, 565 Crown Jewel, Boerne, TX 78006

If the CD you submit does not list the composer of each song, please provide. In most cases it might be "all mine" or "all but...", etc.

If the CD has accompanying musicians, please list  the instrument/s that YOU play on each song, if not already on the CD cover art.

For both of the above, a hand written note is fine, but we need these.

And if you have a DVD, whether professionally or self produced ("home" video is fine), of one of your previous "listening room" appearances or a smaller venue with an attentive audience, this would be ideal. (We are able to listen and look past any rough edges of a self produced video.) Such will give you an advantage.

Once reviewed, our next step is to hear live in a full concert at least once those who have progressed on our list. A live concert (not "in the round") performance is needed to confirm our interest and we only book dates subject to this important step.

Submissions from artists clearly outside our normal format and genres of music or non-english language songs will normally not be considered. CD's cannot be returned.

Headliners receive 100% of the honorarium, so openers should look to "exposure" to new fans, "experience", and possibly CD sales as their motivation. For us, it is a chance to see and hear your musical and performance skills up close and personal.

If you apply but do not hear back from us, you should assume that your application was not successful. Please understand that there are only a few dates each year and we receive many dozens of applications. Just as you have "favorite" musicians who, for individual reasons, you prefer to listen to over others, who may be just as good but not the ones you wish to hear, so we must make selections. Thanks for your understanding.

We regret that we no longer offer repeat opportunities to the many wonderful musicians who have already graced our stage. As much as we would like to have everyone back, there are too many other musicians out there who also need a chance to show their stuff. We appreciate your understanding.

Please note that we prefer a non-audience participation format.We are present to hear YOU!

Questions for us by email (see "Contact Us" tab above) please.

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