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We regret to advise that we are being inundated with garbage spam, and therefore will not likely reply to messages sent from the box below. Instead please read and use method to the right side of this page

If you want to attend one of our concerts and have not already done so. please:

1) return to the home page  and register to receive invitations, and

2) send us an email, confirming that you have so registered, and also mentioning the town/city in which you live (or live closest to).

Or, if you prefer normal email, our address is houseconcertshc (at) [please replace the (at) with an "@" . (Explanation below for those who find this puzzling)


Unfortunately if our email address is posted (in
the normal format on the website within days we would be receiving hundreds of junk emails.

Therefore to make it impossible for automated software to get our email address and still enable people to contact us, we can show our email address in words.

Please use the word "houseconcertshc" followed by the "@" sign and the domain "" . There are no spaces or quotation marks in the above email address. It should look like

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