[Hill Country House Concerts is a Certified House Concert under the Folk Alliance International PRO agreement]


Welcome Friends,

This page is to give you an idea of our sound system and other information prepatory to your concert with us.


OUR SOUND SYSTEM consists of:

Fishman SoloAmp* (similar to Bose Tower)

One Shure M58 and one Audix mike (if more than two mikes are needed for your performance, please bring all that you need.)

limited number of 1/4" and XLR cables

three mike stands, one with second (guitar level) mike holder

two guitar stands

music stand

Yamaha MG124CX unpowered 8 channel mixer* ( manual available at: http://download.yamaha.com/search/result/?site=usa.yamaha.com&language=en&search=MG124CX 

If you need a stage mike, powered mixer, D.I., or any other device leading up to the Fishman (or our mixer if used), or an separate amp/speaker, please bring yours.

Many musicians prefer their own mike, and it is never a bad thing to have one more present and in reserve in case of a failure of one of our mikes for any reason.

*The Fishman has two input channels, but only outputs monaural into the multi-directional speaker stack. So when the mixer is used, all of the inputs are sent monaural to the Fishman since it winds up mono anyway. Because the performer hears what the house hears, no separate monitors are needed.


Sound management:

We have never heard of a house concert that has a sound professional, nor do we. Our system is very simple and so far any adjustments needed have been easily accomplished before, and during the performance. In our experience, the musician/s usually know much more about mixers than we do, but if they are also a mystery to you, please let us know in advance so that we can try to line up some assistance.


Load-in and sound check:

Nov through Feb, curtain is at 7pm, warmer months (Mar-October) at 7:30. Doors open 90 mins before curtain. You will know how long you need from arrival til sound check is done, so back up from either 5:30 or 6pm for the time you will need and let me know. We will meet at the venue then.


Performance Area:

The floor level area is approximately 8' deep by 12' wide. The front audience row can be adjusted if greater depth is needed, but previously we have easily accommodated 5 piece bands in this area.



We provide a single 120V multi-outlet. We can provide a second if requested in advance by the musician.

Light System:

Ours consists of two pairs of elevated Par 64 LED stage lights situated approximately 8' high and each pair is about 8' away from stage area center line. These are aimed at knee level to provide front and side facial illumination with less glare. These are supplemented by two LED light bars illuminating the vertical space behind the stage area.

House is dark except for very soft fairy lights circumscribing the audience. 



Normally two 45 min sets with a merch break between.


Honorarium (Door proceeds):

We do not handle the honorarium jar contents, except as needed to make change. The honorarium jar is handed to the musician uncounted. HCHC is not a legal entity, has no staff and keeps no books. Artist is responsible for their own declarations:



Except for very large concerts, we have a pot luck supper 45 mins before curtain. (For large concerts, pot lucks simply become too unwieldy.)  Performing musicians are our honored guests at the pot luck and start the line so that maximum choice will be available to better accommodate food preferences. Their plates can be kept aside for later consumption should that be their choice.


Pot lucks are just that. We do not provide guidance to our audience regarding dishes, so there may be gluten, nuts, meat and other undesireable (to some) substances. If any performer has food alllergies, we request that they provide any food that they need to accommodate their requirements. We have no control over it's content and will not be responsible for adverse reactions to any food taken from the pot luck.

Since we are a house concert, and 100% of the revenue goes to the musician/s, we  provide neither a hotel allowance or food other than the pot luck. Should musicians be staying with private hosts, there will normally be provided breakfast the next day, but this is courtesy of and subject to the hosts kindness.

CERTIFIED HOUSE CONCERT: We are a CHC under the Folk Alliance International/Performance Rights Organizations Umbrella Agreement. Part of this agreement is that we feature musicians who perform at least 70% original work in our concert. Musician should please keep this in mind, and if, when preparing set lists, if there is an "otherwise equal" choice, please choose songs, as might be needed to meet the 70% minimum target.

To maintain our certification, it is also important that we are by invitation only, and not "open to the public". For this reason, we do not advertise nor do we disclose our location except through invitation. Your fans can go to our home page and register for an invitation to your concert.

Finally in this regard, please ensure that your tour schedule only shows the date, our name (Hill Country House Concerts) and Boerne, TX. Please link our name to our website for ease of contact.

Insurance and liability:

Artist and any accompanying are responsible for their own possessions. We provide a private area with chairs and a private bathroom with mirror for the musician/s. This "green room" has an external door which is locked, and private access from the inside. It is not locked, but there should never be any traffic through the room by anyone other than the artist/s from curtain through the end of the concert.

Neither HCHC nor anyone affiliated with the organization of any concert insures or otherwise provides liabilty protection or liability assumption or shielding for the artist for any reason and expressly disclaims any and liability for any and all reasons.

All equipment is subject to unexpected failure. We have had several unplugged (by artist' choice) performances in front of our exceptionally attentive audience, and those in the back had no problem with hearing. We do not have a backup system, however, so if soft amplification is absoutely required by the musician/s, please bring your own as a backup.


[Hill Country House Concerts is a Certified House Concert under the Folk Alliance International PRO agreement]