We principally
We principally
Back when I was just getting know the excellent Emilie Clepper, Susie and I went to hear her at Indian Roller in South Austin in November. After her performance, we were visiting and I could not help but be distracted by the musician who followed her. Finally I asked Emilie if she knew who the musician was, and she replied, "That's Carson McHone. Good, isn't she?" Indeed she was/is!

I prevailed upon our late good friend, John Conquest, to include Carson in the next Not SXSW lineup in March. He did, and she was met with enthusiastic appreciation from the hardcore listener crowd at the G&S. Rightfully so!

I heard her last at the 2016 Armadillo Christmas Bazaar and was amazed at how much she had elevated her already superior skills. We agreed a spring date at HCHC that very day.

Carson has it all. Songwriting, vocals and fingerpickin', all excellent! What more can you ask for? Maybe good looking? Well, she is that too.

The only thing I might ask for is for you to please show your support for Hill Country House Concerts by attending her concert on Saturday, March 25th. I look forward to seeing you again then.

Your friend in music,

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We have hosted many artists over the years, and often the after-concert comments go along the lines of: "We didn't know this musician before tonight and weren't sure about attending, but we are sure glad we came" or "I am now at a point where I just request seats as soon as I get the invitation, whether I know the artist or not. And I am never disappointed."

We hope you don't find our lack of humility off-putting" Our featured musicians are carefully selected, and occasionally include artists known, and loved, world wide. We are indeed proud OF ALL OF THEM. Please just join us and enjoy!



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