Better Said


My favourite place to listen to music is at friends Amy's and Andrew's "Wyldwood House Concerts" in Austin. They strike a great balance in their support of our (yours and mine) wonderful musicians.

With their permission, I am reproducing below most of the text of the page on their website "About Us". I admire their balance of dealing with issues and doing so in a relaxed, welcoming way.


"What is a House Concert, you ask?

A house concert is just what it would seem to's a concert at our house. It's in our backyard, actually. The musicians play on our deck under the big oak trees. You, the listener, stake out a spot in our lovely, spacious backyard, get comfortable, relax and enjoy the music. A house concert is a great way to see talented, renowned artists in a private, intimate setting.

What should I bring, you ask?

Whatever you would bring to a beach party.
 * Folding Chairs
 * Blankets
 * Bug Spray
 * Sun Screen
 * Food and Beverage of your liking. Please Drink Responsibly.
 * Friends and Neighbors
 * And a little bit of spending money for artist donation and to buy a CD or T-shirt

The suggested donation may vary by artist but usually it's around $10 for each adult. Kids under 18 are free. 100% of your donation goes to the artists. 

What's the catch, you ask?

We want everyone to have a great time at the Wyldwood. So we've come up with a few house rules:

 * RULE #1 - Respect the musician, those around you, and our property.
 * Well behaved children (and adults) are always welcome, but please review rule #1.
 * Sorry, no dogs. They poop. And they eat our chickens.
 * Smoking permitted, but no littering.
 * Please pick up your trash. Let's keep it clean.
 * Play nice.

Who are you, you ask?

Andrew and Amy Murphy.
We live in Deep South Austin...aka The Wyldwood...aka The Woodpecker Ranch. We love and support all kinds of music, but frankly we've gotten tired of the club scene. Henceforth, we are bringin' the music home. If you haven't been to our house yet, let us invite you over. Submit a reservation for a show and we'll send you a map. And be sure to introduce yourself when you get here. We like making new friends."


Well said Amy and Andrew!

(The disclaimer from the same page from their website can be viewed on our "Concert Guide"  page, edited slightly to fit us.)